Shaquille O'neil Meet Fans In Beijing

Who did not know Shaquille Rashaun O`Neal. Pebasket National Basketball Association (NBA), which collect four rings champion. Three times with the Lakers dilaluinya, a time when strengthening the Miami Heat. O`Neal also had to make the album recording and playing in the film comedy Kazam.

Players who are now strengthening the middle of the Cleveland Cavaliers visit to Beijing, China. O `Neal is not alone, he came together with two other NBA stars, including Baron Davis of the LA Clippers and Toronto's Jose Calderón origin Raptors. In a mall, they accidentally meet the fans of the basketball lovers in the shade of Bamboo.

In addition to the hundreds of opposition fans, O `Neal and two friends plan to entertain the children of Sichuan earthquake victims. Activities in Beijing that will end with a visit to the Shaolin temple.

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