You Ming To Buy Chinese Basketball Team

The Houston Rockets center Yao Ming has purchased the former klubnya financial problems terlilit, Shanghai Sharks. It is reported that China's media.

Ming owned investment company signed agreements with the three club owners who are willing to sell all shares. "I'm in the big city and become a professional basketball player in this team, so I hope to do something to help this club," said Ming as quoted Reuters.

Years ago, the Sharks worst deficit in the last 14 years in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Conditions that threaten the Sharks season in the new CBA in November to come.

To run the Sharks, the funds needed 20 million yuan per year. However, it is not a problem that NBA stars. Section, he dinobatkan became the richest athlete in China by Forbes magazine, with estimated revenue 82.57 million U.S. dollars.

You Ming started his career at the Sharks during adolescence. Ming carry the team to reach one degree CBA, before he departs to the U.S. in 2002.

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